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The Way Ahead

1 September 2014
RCL Home

I am delighted that we now have a new website.

As the oldest Rotary club in London we must learn from the past but we must not dwell there and we have an obligation to lead the way. Rotary has given immeasurable humanitarian service over the years but many people, particularly younger professionals, are finding it increasingly difficult to find the time to participate in Rotary meetings and events. To be able to continue our humanitarian service we need to continuously renew our membership so we must look at new ways of organising our affairs.

One thing that we have decided to do and in which we are leading the way, is to establish an additional meeting for those who cannot make our usual weekly meeting. As you will see from elsewhere on this website, this will be held on a Thursday evening at the Trafalgar Hotel, for just one hour from 6.30pm. We also intend to give the opportunity for our members to participate in hands-on service and to this end we are talking to Centre Point.

I am also looking to see how we can work more closely with our local clubs on joint ventures.

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