Rotary Club of London UK Leonardo da Vinci Prize 2015

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Competition for a Medical Researcher 2015

Each year the Rotary Club of London joins with 9 other Rotary Clubs from across Europe for a weekend meeting. The venues rotate round the countries.The group is known as the Leonardo da Vinci group and it will be London's turn to host this meeting in 2015.

A prize is offered to a young person working in one of the many disciplines that Leonardo da Vinci exemplified. The host club chooses the discipline and holds an internal competition to select the right candidate. The other clubs contribute to the prize money and the winner presents his or her work at the weekend meeting. Last year the meeting was in Florence, and the prize went to an Art Restorer. The first winner in London in 1987 was Evelyn Glennie the deaf percussionist; another was an Animator and the last time a Silver Designer, so quite a variety of disciplines.

For 2015 in London, we are seeking a young UK based medical researcher demonstrating outstanding promise, preferably working in the translational field, with results that are getting very close to the patient, or capable of application in the clinic in the fairly near future, probably someone well into their research project and not just starting it. The prize is €11000 and the award ceremony would be on 30 May 2015 .

Applications by 15 September 2014 to:

Clive Amos
President of the Rotary Club of London
6 York Gate
Regent’s Park
London NWI 4QG

Application forms can be obtained by emailing Clive Amos at:

Applications will be assessed by a panel of experts assembled by the Royal Society of Medicine and interviews will be held at the RSM, 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE.